Wednesday, March 14, 2012


            I’m a huge sports fan. I have been as long as I can remember. I think it might be genetic. Every branch of my family is in love with some kind of sports team. So weather genetic or learned I know sports was a big part of my growing up and continues to be a big part of my life. Every kid has that dream when they are young some want to be cops, firemen, maybe even the president. I just wanted to have something to do with sports. Of course I wanted to be the big time sports player but though I was decent due to my frame and abilities I will never have the chance to be that star. But I would love just to deal with sports. I was told all my life to do something you love for a living because then it will never be work. That is my goal find a way to incorporate sports into a job. I mean I always have sports after the job to clear my mind but my goal would be to find a job dealing with them.

            I think everyone has a little love for sports. There is no thrill quite like them. I mean there are many competitions but sports are more than that. They are something people train years for and people pay years incomes to watch. Sports have the best story lines anything can happen you can never guess. There not much quite like the upset of the sports world’s villains or the success story of the home town hero.

            All I have left to say is I hope you agree with me on the importance of sports in your life. All the lessons learned and the fun times had. I have no regrets with sports playing, watching anything. I have even wrote this as I watched the Heat – Bulls game.


  1. Sports are very important in life. They teach kids the concept of teammwork. They are also a very good escape. I know that I could be in the worst mood ever on a Saturday and when Alabama comes on and wins a game it totally changes my mood. I love sports and I hope they never go away.

  2. I agree I believe that sports are a great way to teach children teamwork.