Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We Found Your Match

Celebrity Look A Like Blog Post
I’m doing a blog post on the celebrity look alike visual look alike assignment. That was titled  “We Found Your Match” the objective of the assignment was to use a picture of a close friend and put it up next to a celebrity’s photo to see the likeness. I used a picture of one of my best high school friends Dustin I did get his permission to use the photo beforehand and then I used a photo of Zac Efron I found by googling free images. I used this comparison of My good buddy Dustin to Zac Efron because all throughout high school I gave him the nickname of Zac Efron. We gave it to him due to the perfect looks, popularity and uncanny similarities. We specifically say he is just like Zac Efron’s character he plays in the high school musical films.  This is my opinion and I gave you all two examples and gave the link to the project on DS 106 let me know what you think.


  1. I think that this is a very interesting assignment something that we could all participate in. And I believe that some of my friends actually done this on Facebook.

  2. Oh my...Well this is interesting.I Certainly was not expecting to see this when i came to comment on your blog. This is actually really creative. Its so funny how they are almost doing the exact same thing. I think this was a wonderful first assignment to do..Not just because your friend!