Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blog Post 8

            I’m going to write about time management. I feel it’s essential to the success of a student. We are no longer in High School, College takes effort. I remember in my High School days I stayed more than busy and without studying and doing homework I was making all A’s. Now in college when I have priorities and can’t find any free time I’m struggling. Other than my time in the military I’ve never felt so tired in my life. Pretty much I just think we all should make just make the most of every opportunity of free time.

            On the plus side the busy schedule I currently have if putting a cut to my procrastination problems. Now since I don’t have time to wait I try to get everything done as fast as possible which I do like. It just wears me out, staying consistently busy. That was one of my favorite things about the military how it put an end to my procrastination or so I thought. As soon as college started for me it seemed to come back. But hopefully now that I am busy again I can finally put an end to my procrastination, so when I do get free time I get my work done first.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blog Post 7

   My challenge for this week is my grammar. I recently found out in my meeting that my grammar is what is keeping my grade down. I have a lot lower grade than I feel I should because of it. So now I will be writing it first on word to give me a spell check. I refuse to let a little thing such as a grammar hold me back from the grade I deserve so I will work on it as I have my length to make sure I can improve and make the grades I need to make.

  I am also writing this week’s blog post a day early due to the fact I have to get in 2 hours of study hall time a week. The 2 hours a week are mandatory for me. And frankly I enjoy it. Its 2 hours I can get solid work in without distractions this is one thing I learned could help me out a lot. If needed be I can get tutors to help me out on any subject I need. I think even though my grade is a little low now I can pull it up pretty fast by just typing it on word first so I’m going to see how much better I do first before I hit up the tutors.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

post 6

As were still on the subject of things we learned and challanges I'm writing on what I've learned from reading On Writing and the challanges I face writing on the Wikipedia project. I've learned alot more than I thought from reading On Writing. Stephen King lays it out where writing is easier is understand. The book is full of relateable information and an autobiography. I've learned alot about his addictions and life challanges and experiances. I learned he was so messed up on drugs he didn't even remember writing Cujo. I also learned it's not always about the length and making things longer. He also doesn't like how some writers always use adverbs after he said or she said. I've learned alot from this book and though I'm not finished reading it I know there will be much more for me to learn.

My challanges I will face is my group is writing pretty much the analaysis of his book in our words. I feel I got the hardest part as in I have the part that talks about how he feels about writing and what he considers good. Though it is easy for me to understand I feel I will have trouble explaining it in my own words because I feel he puts it perfect. So Hopefully me and group will figure away to do this. I feel this will be a very difficult task. But I think our class can put our heads together and figure this thing out.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

blog post 5

Hello readers of my blog posts. As we are still on the subject of things you learned and challanges you've had in the class. I'm going to write on my challanges and learnings of the wikipedia project so far.
  Well starting out working on this project I was a little nervous. But as soon as our group got together everything gelled we were able to read over the rules and determine our goal for our page and read over our topic to fit it into our goal. We made our page on Article Development. I'd say we did pretty good we had a few nit picky things like grammatical and some fragments but over all we did a good job. Especially since we thought we were making a rough draft which in a way that worked out good. We did our page learned alot about the development of articles and showed great team chemistry in doing so.
  My problems I'm having with it is that not everyone is pulling there own weight. It is 1:07 and currently only four of our here. As a class we decided last Thursday to meet here at 12:45. My whole group consisting of Austin, Jesse and me our here and C. Evans is here as well. And Given that our group was one of the best pages we finished our's pretty quick today we only had a few things such as adding headlines and such. But the other groups have so much to do and we don't know where to start on theirs. We are working on this as a class which mean every group has to do its part. We have done ours and appreciate if everyone else would atleast be here so we can help them. I feel like were doing above and beyond since were done which is why I don't understand why no other groups are here.