Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Sunset


            This week for my 2nd ds106 project I decided to do the visual assignment A Sunset. I picked this assignment because during my spring break I was having a great time and as I was fishing I saw a beautiful sunset. This sunset was so beautiful it reminded me about the ds106 project I saw about taking a picture of the sunset. So I took a picture so I could share with all of you the beautiful sunset that was over Cartersville, GA.


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! Is it supposed to be sideways? Anyway, the refection off he water is really cool. And the trees make a great contrast compared to the water. Did you take this off Alatoona? I am from Acworth so I was just curious!

  2. Great picture, I agree with Simone about the reflection off the water. Georgia is very beautiful and I love being out by the lake. This picture is very relaxing, good job.

  3. Great picture, I really don't like being outdoors but this is a great photo.