Monday, April 23, 2012

Final Assessment

Final Assessment

In this post I will be doing my final assessment on my progress throughout the semester. Some of the things I learned how to do pretty well were how to brainstorm and map ideas for my writing, how to effectively revise my writing, How to effectively edit and proof read my writing, how to develop my thesis and support my thesis.;postID=104063582510228608 This post shows my ability to brain storm and map ideas for my writing even though it was a visual assignment it took a lot of research and creativity to make the assignment.;postID=8558209038592161026 This post shows my ability to effectively revise my writing. I ended up rewriting the post 3 times this was the post that made me start putting more effort in to my blog posts.;postID=2565757768114646889 This is the post that I started proof reading and checking my grammar before uploading my blogs.;postID=2702338786297876410 This post shows my ability to develop my thesis.;postID=2003227517941440598 This post I showed my ability to support my thesis on why I should get my work done early.

I need to spend more time working on learning on how to do better rough drafts. I didn’t have much learning on how to work on them in high school, but I’m sure in my next English class I will spend a lot of time working on using them. I also need to work on my ability to capture others ideas in my writing. I never use many quotes in my writing and I plan on to start doing that as well in my next English class.

Overall I feel I have learned a lot from this hybrid English class. I also learned I have a lot more to learn and that my high skipped out on a lot of my English especially grammar. I feel like I contributed a good bit to this class I attended every meeting and wrote every blog post. I know I could have started off better with putting more effort in my posts. But ever since we had our meeting I have worked harder on better content in my writing and proof reading and trying to catch any of my grammatical errors. Thank you Mrs. Sasser for everything you taught us it has been a good semester I’ve learned a lot.

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