Tuesday, January 31, 2012

post 4

  This is my 4th blog post. It is sposed to be on challanges and things we have learned in the class. This post I'm writng about my concern with working groups. Usually I enjoy group work it lightens up the work load. But given we only meet once a week it is kind of hard for us to work in groups not everyone has loads of free time. But guess we will just have to drive on and get the job done still even with our difficulty of meeting. I'm also having troubles with the lengths of my blogs I'm not sure how long they are supposed to be. I thought they had to be 6 sentences long but apparently that is not enough for it to be accepted. So therefore this is something I need to work on. I've had to rewrite this 3 times. And I will continue to keep rewriteing it until it is long enough. I wish there was a set number of sentences that would let us know what is acceptable. I feel like it should be just enough to get the point across Maybe it takes me three times writing a post to get the point across that I need to work on it maybe it will benenfit me when all is said and done. I feel like I'm just rambling and thought that rambling wasn't good for writing but if thats what it takes to get the length required for this then thats what I may have to do unless I can find a happy medium in getting the length without the rambling I'm having to to do get the length. So other than my class from 6:15 - 7:45 I will continue to rewrite this untill it is up to the length. Failure is not an option and will not be accepted so if I have to write this 3 more times I will.
  I'm having trouble with my length, breaking it up in paragraphs, and working in these groups to do a wikiproject I dont really understand. But I'm going to keep on driving on this post may not be up to par in structure grammar or whatever else I can't think of but It will be considered long enough. The next blog post due I will be able to hopefully get it right in one try I don't know how I will write a lengthy post on a topic I trouble on. If It takes me 3 challanges to fill up one post. But hey when there is a will there is a way maybe I will learn something on Thursday. Maybe I will learn something working in my group tonight. Heck maybe I will have this long enough so I can work in my group tonight. I'm just trying to find the postives in me rewriting this 4 times I don't see it now but one day soon maybe I will and will appreciate it as for now sorry for any hostility shown in writing this 4 times

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  1. I agree with your concern about meeting with your groups. You just have to make time. Even if you don't want to. Its like you have to fit another class into your schedule. Christian, Shelbi and I met today around the normal time our class would be meeting. You and your group members should have that time open. :)