Tuesday, January 31, 2012

revised post 4

  In this post I'm focusing on my length of posts.

At the beginning of the day I sent in a blog process memo not thinking I had problems with the length of my writings. My goal is by the end of this post to know that I had succesfully learned how to write with length without rambling or ranting but with good sourceful productive writing. I can honestly say I wasn't putting full effort into the length. I thought it best to make it short and sweet. But I think know now its not about getting done as fast as possible. Its about writing that with a purpose.

I should put alot more effort into my posts. If you put effort into things it shows an accurate reading if your improving or not. And I think that is the point of college to improve and our skills so you will be more succesful later down the road in life. Just something as simple as spending more time on your writing and putting more effort into something could show you improvements you are making as a student.

So therefore I feel through trial in error I have learned alot today. Learned  the importance of content and length of writing. Had a reminder of why you shouldn't do things half way. I think over all this has been a very productive blog post and a very productive day over all.

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  1. In the beginning length was a problem for me also, I would procrastinate and then quickly put together a blog post. So my blog post length is something I am working on also.